About Me

May I introduce who I am. I recently found some interesting facts about life and I am motivated to blog/write again. My longing for success and happiness in life brought me here.  I still have a lot to learn, what I want to be and where I want to be. I would really like to share this journey and I hope that somehow, somewhere, I would able to inspire someone, and maybe just maybe to discover more of who I really am.

As I already have a few blog I look after, this one will be more personal, here I will share my take on life, my own personal opinion. Here I will share things that I’ve learned along the way, and also to share photos, I haven’t figured out yet what my mission in this life is and I really want to know before it’s too late.

I wasn’t born a writer so apologies for some misuse of grammar here and there, eventually I will get better, English is not my native tongue, I don’t have a wide vocabulary but I’m sure the world wide web will be able to help me out. It sounds like an excuse but one goal of this personal blog is to have a go, to be heard, to be acknowledged because literally, I want to leave the earth so that even the undertaker will be sorry (if you heard of that saying you’ll know what I mean). I don’t want to be just an average person, just a number, a statistic. I want to be one of those “Michael has left the building” kind of thing. Not popular but made a difference through my photos and my writings.

I have a passion for photography, a big word that “passion” some readers would probably say “ah! you’ve taken pictures of flowers and now you have a passion for photography”. My dear readers, I started taking photos back in the film days and I remember all I had was a few hours of lesson from a very experienced photographer who I can’t remember his name now as it was a long time ago. There I was taking pictures of students, yes, that was my first gig. Taking ID photos for five (5) different public school back in the Philippines. My boss back in the days. I didn’t have access to the Internet back then, so no blogging of photos. And no looking at the screen after you press the shutter, photographers that still use film will know exactly what I’m talking about.

I love to travel and wish to travel more doing what I  love to do.