Portrait doesn’t have to be complicated 

I love to photograph people, I love to capture each individual and to get that uniqueness in a person, that’s my tick, it motivates me and makes me do what I love to do.

As a budding photographer, portraiture is one most people seems to struggle. There are many many ways to master this part of photography and if you search the online community about this subject you could be drowned by all the information you can find.

The question here is: Does portrait has to be complicated? The answer is NO! Keep it simple, keep it clean. Remember it is about your subject, focus on the person, show their personality.

I recently photographed a debutante ball, now, that’s a lot of people to take a photo of!  I needed an assistant for that night and to keep the story short I got one. She showed up like this:

Is the setup complicated? No. Sometimes all you need is one light. Sometimes all you need is a window light. I’m not saying that this is the way, there are so many techniques out there but if you keep it simple it does work too! Beautifully.

If you happen to struggle with portraits keep this in mind: It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Thanks for reading and keep shooting!