52 weeks photography challenge  –  week 1 

Week 1

I planned to do a 52 weeks photography challenge and i’ll be honest with you the first one is the hardest. I had it written down on my google calendar, I had it on Trello and I still failed to execute. So, as a lesson this is for you to remember, no matter how good the plan is, if you did not execute it, your plan is pretty much a waste. Next time you have a plan make sure you do it, trust me.

My first week’s challenge is “resolution”.  This is the time of the year that everyone (not all) thinks about resolution, something I believe a person wants to change (for the better I hope) some people has a long list of resolution they want to try and achieve within a year. how about me, you ask? mine is simply to be a better person than I am yesterday. Sounds simple enough? wait till you try it, I dare you.

I also want to improve my photography skills that is why i’m doing the 52 weeks photography challenge. I hope you come along with me. You can like, share or comment. Bad or good i’d love to hear it.

This week my favourites are:

Headshot - Meg
Meg – Ballet Dancer
my best friend
Headshot - Zoe
Zoe – Ballet Dancer