A Few Tips on Photographing Dancers

Photographing Dancers

Let me tell you that it takes a lot of patience, a lot of knowledge about the dance, timing and good gears. You will need not only the right gears but also make sure that you can rely on them while you are shooting, flash triggers specially, good sized backdrop is great for when they do their jumps and tricks, large backdrop will ensure that they stay inside your frame, large backdrop will also help (a lot) if there are tall dancers in the group. If you are not a dancer yourself, get a dance instructor that knows what to look for, this will help the shoot go smoothly and safely as they will not let the kids do tricks that might hurt them. These are some of the tips I’m sharing to those who might have a coming job to photograph dancers. Here are some of the photos I took from Projection Dance School in Albury-Wodonga, Australia.














Most of these are straight out of camera. Lighting is pretty simple as we want to capture the dancers’ technique, one light from camera right with shoot through umbrella was enough. The shoot is definitely fun and I’ve learned a lot what to look for in a photo of dancers. All the kids are very talented and very easy to work with. Can’t wait for them to become masters of their crafts.

I hope these few tips on photographing dancers helps you on your next assignment. Add more tips on comments if you can think of something.