A short walk with Nikon1 V1

I had this Nikon mirror-less camera sitting in my bag for awhile I haven’t really used it for photos, I remember using it for video once and I was a bit disappointed as it was getting hot and the video changes from 1080p to 720p without me touching the settings. So,  I got it out of the bag, charged the batteries and went for a walk. Daily walks keeps me fit.  Here are some of the snaps:



DSC_5378DSC_5383FenceDSC_5391DSC_5395DSC_5441DSC_5458DSC_5462DSC_5480DSC_5488DSC_5497DSC_5500DSC_5506DSC_5514sunsetIt’s not a bad little camera, I still noticed that it was getting really hot. These photos were on mostly Auto. The next walk I will be using it on Manual mode.