A story written by kids for kids.

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Title: The Princes and the Teacher

Author/s: Luke, Zara, Ainslea, Jamie, Liana, and Audrey

Reason for writing this book/story: This book/story is dedicated to sick kids because we would like to give everyone a smile. We hope you enjoy reading it and get better soon.

Meet Jimmy, he has lots of hobbies and loves parachuting. He found love and had a problem with his parachute. Will he go parachuting after his last accident?

Chapter 1:

Once upon a time there lived a guy named Jimmy Newton, he worked at a school called Zigzaged Primary School in Gravity Falls. he owned and loved is dogs Brax, Bella, and Cooper.

He lived in a two storey house in Paris, it was a corrugated iron house looking over the river. He had lots of hobbies like skydiving, walking his dogs, his job, and helping people. He had a skydiving appointment in a month with Pillow Skydiving Company so he was very excited.

Chapter 2:

Today was the day that Jimmy would set off on his skydiving adventure. He woke up early, had breakfast and set off for his big day.

When he arrived at Pillow Skydiving Company, he hopped on a plane with a group of others. When they were high in the sky, he jumped off and got half way in the sky then noticed that his parachute wasn’t working. He landed on a big cloud and noticed a huge castle. He thought he was dreaming so he slapped himself across the face, but he was not dreaming it was really happening and he was quite frightened.

Chapter 3:

When Jimmy went inside the Castle, he saw a really fuzzy cat. Jimmy saw princess Jade making her lunch which was cauliflower and chicken. She noticed a man in her castle, she yelled, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?, he said “My parachute crashed so do you have a spare parachute?”, Yes I do. the princess responded. “Would you like to stay for a cup of tea and you can tell me about what has happened?” Jimmy felt awkward and decided to stay for a cup of tea and lunch.

Chapter 4:

Princess Jade asked Jimmy if he would like to go to the pond surrounded by mermaids. “Yes” said Jimmy, so they walked to the pond. When they got to the pond, Jimmy asked the Princess “Who is the boss of the mermaids?” “Her name is Shelby, I have had a bad past with her. All she does is boss everyone around, she has Emerald coloured hair. She has no friends apart from Oscar the Octopus and the fish in the pond”.

Chapter 5:

Princess Jade asked Jimmy, “would you like to go back and eat dinner with me?” he replied, “I would like to stay, What should we have for dinner?” “lets have vegetable soup with bread.” Jade replied.

“MMMMMMMM that was delicious” said Jimmy. “I better get home” he said. “I want you to stay please” said Princess Jade.

Chapter 6:

Jimmy went back to his house in Paris and was thinking of Princess Jade, he was thinking of her so much he wanted to get a present for her. He went down to the pet shop and bough a rabbit it was super fuzzy. He flew up in his car that could fly, landed on the cloud and went inside. He said, “I have a present for you” “what is it?” she asked. “it is a rabbit” replied Jimmy. Then Jimmy asked princess Jade, “would you like to go skydiving with me?” “Yes, I would love to go with you” replied Princess Jade. So one month before they went skydiving Jimmy booked an appointment.

Chapter 7:

Today Princess Jade and Jimmy are excited to go skydiving. They arrive at the Pillow Skydiving Company when Jimmy asks Princess Jade to marry him, “yes” replied Princess Jade. They hop in the plane very excited and glad. They got in the plane and jumped off the plane together holding hands.

Chapter 8:

Two years later they got married and had two beautiful children, Olive and Wilson. The children grew up to be like their mum and dad.



I just thought their story writing is pretty good. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it.