Cycle of life 

I found these artwork while walking around Wangaratta looking for public toilet. I think these are great pieces and it really caught my attention. 

Suddenly memories from 15 years ago came flashing back, I was walking around somewhere in the Philippines and I have this same feeling, I was hungry, I was thirsty, and I have no money in my pocket. Same feeling, different time, different place. It feels like a cycle, a life cycling. The only difference is, this time I know that life goes on and you can change your cycle of life if you make a decision, even if you think that you made a wrong one, stand by that decision and keep moving. 

I’m not sure if it was the art or because i was hungry and thirsty and no money that made me write this or is it the fact that i have to kill time while waiting for something and i don’t want to waste my time hanging around. What do you do while waiting? 

I’m still hungry and thirsty.