Jindabyne trip

I packed my old yet trusty Nikon D80 and the 10-20mm Sigma lens. I didn’t know what will I get to photograph but I was pleased that I took the widest lens I could get in my bag of tricks. I rarely use this lens, I don’t know why but, I wasn’t disappointed by what the lens has produced and maybe I should use it more often.

I love travelling. If I can travel and do what I love to do i’d be over the moon. Recently, I had an opportunity to photograph a lake where the family and I went to, not for vacation but to scatter the kids’ great grandmothers’ ashes. Long kilometres of windy road and steep decent and climb was passed before getting to our destination, 4 hours of driving was testing my patience but at the end of the trip the place was amazing, no wonder this place was chosen by great grandmother. It was peaceful. It was beautiful. I cannot think of the best word to describe it. I wandered around looking for photo opportunity and there wasn’t any shortage of things to be captured. A bright sunny day when photographing a wedding is always a challenge but this time I was having a little fun. No pressure, just pure enjoyment of capturing what is in front of me. Sunset was breathtaking, colours of the sky was magical.

The trip wasn’t the happiest of days to remember but I totally enjoyed every minute of it, from driving over the mountain, seeing wild animals along the way, cold wind and clear blue sky, it was one of the best times that I will cherish for a long long time. I even went for my first mountain bike ride but that’s another story.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the trip, I highly recommend that you visit this place if you can. Just search Jindabyne on google you won’t be disappointed.


I wish to come back here one day and hopefully get a cloudy sky.