What is our greatest role in this world.

We have a number of roles we have to play in this life. In business and in our personal lives this is common, a given. A fact. We have to play different roles to be successful, to survive. Some roles we naturally love. Some roles we rather not do. Our greatest role in this world, in my opinion, is becoming a parent. It is an easy role for some (or not). Sometimes it’s not fun playing that role right? but we have to because we chose to. I am no expert in being a parent (there’s no manual for it). In this role, you learn along the way.

What makes this parenting great is when times our kids make us very proud. It makes all the sacrifice, stress, and whatever. Sometimes tears. Yes, tears. Tears of joy when you watch them happy doing what they love. When you watch them bring a smile to other human beings.

This is my son. My greatest role in this world is to bring him up to be a good man.