When to photograph something amazing


When to photograph something amazing? Most people ask that in their heads and I am one of them, yes, I see a lot of places and I tell my self that one day I will stop the car and photograph that scene, ten years later, I still haven’t stop the car and taken the shot. You are probably thinking: why not? well… I do wait for the right time, the right mood, because some places looks amazing when your timing is right. Say for example the image  above, this image will be looking ordinary if the clouds doesn’t look like what it is when I took that shot.  It will be just blue sky, the house and green grass, it could look pretty boring or NOT.

I am sharing this image because after years of driving and looking at this house I finally got to stop and photograph it, and yes those clouds are real.

So, when to photograph something amazing? Wait for the right moment, wait till you feel it is right, have the image in your head and then take that shot when the moment is right. I promise that you will love the photo and will be very proud to share it. You might even print it and hang it on your wall, or sell it and make money, the possibilities are endless.