Why do you need a Social Media Photographer

You dive in to the social media marketing band wagon, Yay! you have a plan, you have your content, you have everything! well… almost. I am one of those business owners that is using social media for marketing and I have spent hours researching and understanding how it all works. In my journey to become one of social media experts (I’m working on it) i’ve learned that it is very important that you know how to present whatever it is that you are trying to sell. Product? Services? Whatever it is you decided to market online you have to present it well. Presentation. It’s like cooking the best tasting meal but wasn’t presented well on the plate, if you watch those cooking shows on t.v. you’d understand. Most client or customer buy in to any product depending on how it looks, how it was presented. They want to be impressed and customers like to see photos. Photos, photos photos. A well photographed product attracts clients. An ad that has beautiful photo attracts customers. Believe it or not this is why advertisers uses good looking models too, models that are pleasing the eyes of clients. It is a very old trick! and it has been working for centuries.

It is important that you are using great photos on your social media campaign. Consistently great photos. Take for example on Instagram, you will notice that those who have marketed themselves well have consistent great photos on their stream. They have a great photo of their profile to start with. A nice headshot of you to show who you are helps your clients to see what you look like. A picture paints a thousand words as the saying goes.

Let me help you with your social media campaign, lets start with a good photograph.


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